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Patient Education

A World Health Organization (WHO) definition of Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE)

Therapeutic Patient Education enables people with chronic diseases to manage their illness and yields benefits in both health and financial terms. Many health care providers, however, lack the skills to provide their patients with such an education. The Regional Office therefore convened a working group to prepare a document specifying the content of programmes for teaching health care providers to provide TPE. The Working Group comprised doctors, nurses, other health care providers and educators from countries throughout the European Region. The Group developed a document that defines TPE, specifies the different skills that patients with chronic diseases should be taught, and describes the content and structure of several TPE programmes of increasing complexity. The Group also identified obstacles to be overcome and recommended action to be undertaken by health care institutions and educators, countries and WHO and its collaborating centres, as well as health industries, health insurance providers and the media.( Therapeutic Patient Education: Continuing Education Programmes for Health Care Providers in the Field of Prevention of Chronic Diseases; Report of a WHO Working Group 1998)