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32nd E.S.PKU Conference 2018

1-4 November 2018

32nd E.S.PKU Conference 2018

Date - November 2018

The E.S.PKU Conference 2018 will take place from November 1st to November 4th
Location - Venice, Italy

The conference will take place at Hotel NH Venezia Laguna Palace

Common programme for all attendees

Care for PKU in Italy: Prof Alberto Burlina
Liver transplantation in MSUD : can it be done for PKU ? Rene Santer
Adult PKU patients: Alessandro Burlina
What is the neuropsychological outcome of our PKU adults ?: L.Palermo
The elderly brain of PKU patients: what should be expected?: Andrea Pilotto
PKU and sports Julio Rocha
PKU: effects of GMP: Anne Daly
Programme for patients and their families

Growing up with PKU in Turkey: Lal Atakay
Results of the biggest ever PKU survey- UK: Susan Ford progress

Programme for ESPKU member’s delegates

Country update: What has been achieved since 2016?
Health Technology Assessment:- why payers are keen to use it; what is a disease model; what is discounting: E Jessup
Transition: development of a white paper
ESPKU All Party Parliamentary Group
ESPKU General Meeting

Programme for Professionals

New diagnostic work-up for infants with positive heelpuncture for phenylalanine: Nenad Blau
Phenylalanine measurement: can we do better? C.Meli (a paper measuring phe in urine)
Adult PKU patients’ outcome: Francois Maillot
Different methods to test neuropsychological outcome in PKU patients: Rianne Jahja
Adult PKU brain: what should be expected? Andrea Pilotto
What is the real cause of PKU brain dysfunction: van Vliet

This programme overview is preliminary and subject to change