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SAGSD: Scandinavian Association for Glycogen Storage Disease


The Scandinavian Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (SAGSD) provides support and help for individuals and families affected by hepatic (liver) types of Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). We will help doctors, dietitians and patients establishing contact, providing information and holding conferences and meetings. The SAGSD has members from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, both children and adults are members. We represent all the liver types of GSD in our association.

Glycogen is a stored form of glucose, which is used as a fuel for energy. Glycogen Storage Disease or glycogenosis occurs when there is an absence or deficiency of an enzyme needed to produce or break down glycogen in the body. GSD primarily affects the liver and/or muscles.

The 4th biannual SAGSD conference, april 28 to 29 2018.

100 participants from 15 countries came to the SAGSD conference have registerd for the conference coming from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the USA.