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1st International Rouen P2M Symposium on Precision Medicine “Pathways to Precision Medicine

28, 29 March 2019 - Rouen, FRANCE

Precision Medicine, also known as individualized medicine or patient-centered
medicine, is a paradigm shift that is reshaping medical practice. It involves disease
stratification, treatment and prevention based on accurate definition of the molecular, biological and environmental identity of each individual. Based on this shift, medical treatments will gradually move from the “one size fits all” paradigm to a more personalized approach. Thus, patients will increasingly be prescribed the therapy that best matches their biological and environmental attributes. link
By customizing medical practices, treatment efficacy and disease monitoring will be
enhanced. Tremendous technological advances in omics, imaging, nanotechnology,
chemistry, informatics and computing are driving the design of this promised
individually tailored therapies and preventive measures. Precision medicine is intrinsically cross-disciplinary and involves translational and clinical research, molecular and synthetic biology, image processing, engineering, mathematical modeling and simulation of biophysical, physiological, and biomedical systems. The high-throughput clinical and molecular data generation requires more and more high performance computing and advanced high dimensional statistical analysis to fully embrace the big data era challenges. Precision medicine encompasses also extraordinary challenges for scientists and health care providers in both academia, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries but opens big opportunities as well.
It is in this spirit of amazing possibilities that Rouen School of Health Sciences (UFR
Santé Rouen) will be hosting this first international Rouen P2M symposium (Pathways to Precision Medicine), bringing together international distinguished researchers, health professionals and thought leaders from academia, healthcare, and industry to discuss, share, collaborate and develop actionable pathways to improve human
We look forward to seeing you all in Rouen for what promises to be a memorable events.